Our Story

Lifestory is a research and strategy firm that utilizes applied social and behavioral sciences to solve complex business challenges. Our story is different from others.  We come from a formal tradition of academic degrees in which we spent years learning, running studies, and teaching on the topic of influence and persuasion. After earning advance degrees some headed to work among large corporations, others jumped into the professional world of consulting, and some took on academic posts at universities.  Then, many years later, we regrouped and formed Lifestory with the aim of leveraging our broad and deep knowledge of influence psychology to work with brands, leaders, and organizations seeking a scientific path to business insights and strategy.


Our content expertise is in understanding and investigating the social psychology domain of persuasion.  Persuasion is the intentional act of seeking to change the thoughts and actions of others. In today’s competitive business environment, leaders are constantly being asked to deliver more influence. More customers. More donors. More revenue. More innovation. More breakthrough insights. The “more” mandate shows no signs of slowing, and Lifestory is the partner you can rely on for outstanding support to deliver it. From concept to completion, we partner with clients to deliver influence across the full spectrum of audiences for customers, employees, partners and you.


Our methods for discovering the path to success is always dependent upon the question.  The question to be answered comes first, and then the method to answering the question follows.  We do not come to the table with any bias in determining the method to be used to answer a question.  Instead, since we have a deep methodological skill set in all domains of qualitative and quantitative research that allows us to use the methodology that is best for answering your question.


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Eric Snider

Eric Snider is the founder of Lifestory.  Eric drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth.  Eric has over 25 years of professional experience including roles as an adjunct professor, a senior executive of a multi billion dollar company, and as the leader of Lifestory. He earned his Ph.D. at Arizona State University.


Laurie Lewis

Laurie Lewis is a nationally recognized expert in organizational change.  She is the author of numerous publications, articles, and books on the subject of organizational change and leads our organizational change assignments. Laurie earned her Ph.D. at the University of California at Santa Barbara.


Steve Zimney

Steve Zimney is a seasoned research strategist.  He leads client strategy development and planning.  Steve has over 40 years of professional consulting experience among Fortune 1000 companies. He has a master’s degree from Columbia University and completed doctoral studies at New York University in Industrial Psychology.


Craig Scott

Craig Scott is an expert in communication and technology within organizations.  He is a distinguished academic scholar and author on communication in covert, shadowed, and dark organizations. He earned his Ph.D. at Arizona State University.



Our Approach

At Lifestory we understand that every customer, every cause, and every marketing campaign is unique. That's why we help you connect with every member of your audience on an individual level in ways that engage, inform and drive them to action. Our approach is grounded in the experience that successful influence derives from discovery, design, and engagement.


  • Advertising

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Broadcasting

  • Construction

  • Defense

  • Education

  • Electric Utilities

  • Energy

  • Entertainment

  • Federal Government

  • State & City Government

  • Financial Services

  • Food & Beverage

  • Health Care

  • Home building

  • Hospitality

  • Marketing

  • Non Profits

  • Manufacturing

  • Real Estate

  • Sporting Events

  • Theme Parks

  • Travel & Tourism


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Our clients are
our partners.

Lifestory has always been defined by one thing:
our clients. Our story is defined by those we serve.


Lifestory has partnered with the world’s most admired companies to help unlock their biggest challenges and respond quickly to pressing market issues.  We are honored to partner with great organizations including United States Olympic Committee, Netflix, NASA, Xcel Energy, General Electric, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Working together and using a multi disciplinary approach, we’ve helped these organizations amplify their influence. For nearly a decade, we’ve helped create new businesses and reinvent existing ones.

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