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Who are you trying to influence?
What drives their actions, shapes
their mind-set and makes them
receptive to your message?


Influence profiling is the process of identifying the core drivers that provoke people to make decisions. Their behavior, attitude and motivations play a critical role in the influence process.

At Lifestory we understand that every customer, every cause, and every marketing campaign is unique. That's why we help you connect with every member of your audience on an individual level in ways that engage, inform and drive them to action. When you go beneath the surface and learn what drives the decisions people make you can create fully integrated strategies that connect with every person at the individual level.

Influence profiling is the process of identifying the core motivational drivers that people use in making decisions. What are the behaviors, attitudes and motivations that play a critical role in the influence process. Each influence profile defines a group of people as to what drives their decisions and actions. From voter affiliation and issue advocacy to consumer behavior and trigger profiling, we can provide you a better and more actionable approach to influencing your key audience.




How do you get people to conserve energy, watch movies, become a brand advocate,
or pay more for a product?


If you can predict an individual's intention to engage in a specific behavior, you can develop an influence campaign with great effect.

Lifestory influence modeling identifies key components that predict actions that generate the highest potential outcome. Although influence can occur as a result of a single action, it typically happens because of a series of conditions. Therefore, influence modeling often entails in-depth research.

We look at the influence objective from every angle, drawing upon decades of psychological science around persuasion, influence and human action. We then formulate, test and create a model to move people forward. Lifestory influence modeling has been used successfully to predict and explain a wide range of health, consumer, and voter behaviors.

Influence modeling goes further in examining the complexity of actions and decisions that come into play when seeking to persuade people. An influence model identifies the motivations, the control features, and essential features that determine precise influence outcomes.




Where do you begin if you want to shape perceptions, behaviors, emotions, attitudes and expectations?


As your research partner, Lifestory provides real-world solutions that draw upon our expertise in the psychological science of persuasion. Our influence research is unique in that we combine behavioral psychology with advanced research methods to provide insights that amplify outcomes. We can identify opportunities, barriers, viable product offerings, market potential, price and product positions, and more.

The flexibility of our process allows us to develop solutions for a wide variety of industries, organizations, brands, places, experiences and project types.


Assignments performed by Lifestory have spanned many domains and topics including:

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  • Advertising Effectiveness

  • Advertising Tracking Studies

  • Attitude and Usage Studies

  • Behavior and Action Research

  • Brand Equity Research

  • Brand Identity Image Development

  • Brand Loyalty Studies

  • Brand Positioning Studies

  • Brand Reputation

  • Brand Valuation and Assessment

  • Business to Business Research B2B

  • Business to Consumer Research B2C

  • Campaign Evaluation

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Concept Optimization Development

  • Concept Research and Testing

  • Consumer Promotion Research

  • Consumer Segmentation

  • Corporate Equity Research

  • Corporate Identity Image Development

  • Corporate Loyalty Studies

  • Corporate Positioning Studies

  • Corporate Reputation

  • Corporate Valuation and Assessment

  • Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

  • Customer Rejecter and Recovery Studies

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer Service Execution

  • Employee Commitment

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employee Opinion Studies

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Energy Reduction Research

  • Environmental Research

  • Fan Engagement

  • Guest Shopping Experience

  • Influence Image Studies

  • Market Segmentation Studies

  • Marketing Claim Substantiation

  • Marketing Effectiveness Studies

  • Marketing Research and Tracking

  • Message Development Testing

  • Message Testing

  • Mystery Shopping

  • New Product Research

  • Package Testing

  • Post Purchase

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies

  • Pricing Research Studies

  • Product Development

  • Product Demand Assessment

  • Product Placement Positioning

  • Program Effectiveness Studies

  • Project & Product Feasibility

  • Promotion Evaluation Studies

  • Psychographic Research

  • Rejecter Studies

  • Repositioning Studies

  • Sales Staff and Process Audits

  • Sales Staff Skill Capability Evaluation

  • Segmentation Studies

  • Service Quality Measurement

  • Shopper Satisfaction and Experience

  • Sponsorship Research

  • Sustainability Opinion

  • Usability Research

  • Web Site Evaluation

  • Word-of-Mouth Research



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Lifestory has worked around the globe and has assisted many of the world’s leading organizations solve some of their toughest questions. We are committed to our clients’ success and focused on helping them achieve an essential advantage. As a strategy solution, we work collaboratively to identify pathways to enhance your influence capabilities. Our strategy work with clients involves a proprietary set of actions that enables a company to generate new approaches and understanding of how to move people toward action.

Influence strategy consulting is tailor-made thinking. What works for one company will not necessarily work for the other, even in the same industry. Our core tools are not those found within the existing approaches or paradigms in most sectors. Our strategy work with clients leverages our unique knowledge of persuasion, behavioral science, and multi-industry exposure.


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Everyday we all are presented with thousands of opportunities to be influenced by other people.  Our focus at Lifestory is to assist out clients in drawing people toward their products, thoughts, brands and organizations.  As a firm that specializes in understanding the psychology of influence, we know that influence messages and campaigns must be administered in a precise manner to produce the desired actions.  Given the importance of the application of influence, we offer clients a suite of influence campaign services.


Key to our success in working with our clients is the ability to participate in the application of our insights.  We have found that when we have a seat at the table with those that put our insights into action, that the campaigns not only effectively integrate our insights, but the campaign has a higher success rate in producing the desired action.  In this kind of working relationship, we work as a team member with you and your internal and external trade partners responsible for activating the influence campaign.



Change your organization. Amplify your influence


Success in the pursuit of a team goal is dependent upon influence.  Achievement occurs when team members are engaged, ready for change, effectively communicating, and committed to the team goal. At Lifestory, we understand that influence is a central business strategy that applies not only out toward customers, but also inward with employees and team members. The ability for an organization to navigate change and accelerate performance is dependent upon effective team influence.

Influencing others effectively is a key leadership capability because it allows organizations to accelerate change initiatives and involve the entire organization in implementing and supporting important change initiatives that will ensure the organization’s long-term success.  Effective organizational change requires an understanding of your team members and the influence strategies that will produce the actions that will lead to success.

Working with you and your organization, we will identify how to accelerate performance by unlocking employee engagement, identifying influence solutions, and how to navigate organizational change.




What surrounds us,
influences us.



To generate an effective product or experience, you need to first understand what influence levers are at play in the psychology of people. We all make decisions based on the interplay between our internal drives and our surroundings.  Identifying and creating a new solution requires an approach that takes into consideration these internal and external influence forces. Influence design is a unique approach in which we embed our knowledge of influence psychology into the design of new products and experiences.

The surrounding environment in which we experience a product or service influences the decisions we make.  At Lifestory we understand that the physical setting can play a significant role in how people form judgements, experience emotions, and ultimately choose how to behave.  From the framed art on the wall to the music playing in the background, our unconscious mind is busy taking note and in turn infiltrating our thoughts and actions.

An environment can also be in itself an influence driver.  In placemaking design you may be seeking to create an experiential atmosphere that is the influence agent.  Shops, stores, parks, or any setting that is intended to draw people to the setting is an influence environment.  The intended action is to get your customer to visit the location by creating a place that feeds a psychological need.  

Working with you and your design team, Lifestory participates in the creation of influence environments that draw people in and move people to action.