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remarkable mission?

For us, it is to move people forward.


Move people to action
and amplify influence

Great leaders, companies and brands know that great ideas are only effective if they move people toward action. Lifestory is an independent, science driven agency that ignites relationships between companies and their customers, between organizations and their team members, and between leaders and their supporters.

Our work is centered on the scientific investigation and application of influence practices that produce significant outcomes. We apply psychological and behavioral science techniques to identify and develop scientifically-grounded strategies that move people toward products, thoughts, brands and organizations.


Interventional influence is intentional by design.

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Despite all of the money and effort made by organizations, influence attempts often fail to get people to take the desired actions. They don’t buy, don’t think, and don’t behave as intended. Interventional influence leverages social psychology, behavioral economics, and social science to shape thinking and elevate intentional behaviors. It is an approach focused on cultivating healthy productive relationships between brands and customers. Influence that is intentional by design.


Influence is

That doesn’t mean it can’t be simple.

Our practice offers solutions that discover people driven experiences that persuade, maximize returns, minimize risk and unlock value. We discover the underlying nature of those you serve to assist you in accomplishing meaningful relationships and business outcomes. From discovery of people, places, and teams to the creation and guidance of strategy, Lifestory is a partner that works with you to influence.


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We’re your
trusted partner.

Lifestory has been partnering with clients for more than 10 years. Together, we motivate, educate and engage to higher levels of performance – with a emphasis on implementation and process improvements, a commitment to generate profitability and results, and the tools, resources and data to move people forward
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Amazing things happen when people find ways to work together. We’ve found that great projects often start from just a few great conversations. Either way, we’re always glad to connect with like-minded people: courageous leaders who believe that uncertain times present tremendous opportunities for reinvention and influence.

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