The "story" behind the "Lifestory" name


Our Story

Lifestory’s approach to consumer research

When you call your company Lifestory, it always results in people telling you their personal story. We are a scientific research company, but we know that meaning, as that found in stories, is the root of all discoveries. Consumers find meaning in many ways, but it is this element that results in the greatest insight that we portray. So, it only makes sense that we begin here with our own story.

Lifestory Research was formed with a single focal point – we want to provide the highest quality consumer research available in the market. As with any consumer research firm we are experts in the application of a myriad of research methods including survey research, focus groups, biometric research, and observational research. In performing these research methods we also have advanced degrees in the statistical sciences. You can certainly say we know how to crunch numbers from all forms of multivariate statistical analysis to the most current approaches including things like conjoint analysis.

Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., Lifestory Research is a custom marketing research firm, dedicated to helping clients evaluate their brand and strengthen their understanding of their customers. The Lifestory Research team has designed and executed qualitative, quantitative and observational solutions while adhering to a client-focused ethic built on being easy to work with and delivering best-in-class insight. The company’s core competency is measuring attitudes and behaviors to accurately explain and predict bottom line impact of a client’s actions. Offerings include market entry studies, segmentation studies, product development studies, branding studies, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction research, pricing strategy and advertising studies. Lifestory’s client base spans private education, real estate, energy, financial services, medical providers and not-for-profit organizations.

Our work covers many different realms, but a central feature of our work in on the subject of social influence. We are experts in the scientific inquiry of persuasion. When you tell this to people they often assume that we are concerned with attitude change in the context of sales in business environments. We do perform a portion of our assignments examining how sales associates employ different communication strategies with the goal of persuading a potential customer. But, we also examine the act of influence in many other realms including organizational research, energy consumption, prevention programs, product design, leadership, advertising, and marketing communications. We have a passion to help our clients gain an understanding of the dynamics of persuasive communication. In addition, we find some of our greatest reward in teaching others how to execute timeless psychological principles as to how to change the thinking or behavior of other people.

We welcome the chance to hear your story and to become part of it.

Eric Snider