It All Comes Down to Trust

Today trust is everything. More than any other factor, trust can reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance innovation, improve collaboration, and increase value. Without trust, barriers go up, value goes down, and all forward action stops.

To identify the America’s Most Trusted®, each year Lifestory Research conducts an extensive brand study, with feedback from more than 30,000 people who are actively shopping for a specific product. People assess the trust they have in brands they encounter during their active search for specific products.

Capturing the trust of people who are in the purchase exploration stage of home buying is essential for success.  Trust is a decision criterion that people use to clear the clutter when faced with a multi-choice decision.  When faced with several alternatives, a customer can rely upon a simple decision rule that says, “keep those I trust and discard the others.”  Unlike customer satisfaction or net promoters, trust is about the future.  Trust is something used to make a decision that is in front of you and not an evaluation of something that has already occurred. Trust amplifies influence.

Click on the images below to see category results from The Lifestory Research 2018 America’s Most Trusted ® Study.